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About Us

Yokida Consult

Yokida Consult was incorporated with deep conviction that the country needs a world class Tech company. We love technology, we love life and we just want to make life easier better and interesting for people. Along the way contribute to solve the world’s key problems. Plus we like to see ideas hatch and grow. Software, websites, and technology projects; Designing impeccable software that change lives, and amazing as well as elegant websites reside in our core. We want to create a cost effective solutions to the people.

Service Spread

Website Development
Web Application
Software Development
Mobile Applications

November 08,2014

Yokida Consult made its first mark by registering in Ethiopia as company. We started with the ambition to make cost effective efficient software and web applications that are useful to the society.


since its incorporation, Yokida has worked on numerous projects with different properties. We are pleased to announce we have completed more than 25 projects so far. Quantity say Something but we believe in delivering high quality products as well.

~ 100,000 users

Yes you read it right :) So far hundred thousand people use our products or work on them. We want to touch as many people as possible. We have a commitment to empower millions of people in the coming years.

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Our Process

Research & Brainstorm

Before we start a project, No matter the size.We will involve the client to come up with solutions that are unique and tailored.

Design & Iterate

We believe in prototyping and iteration. We provide early releases to the customers to give them hand on experience for comments and feedback.

Ship & Support

We deliver products on time. we value client's schedule and want to meet thier time lines. Further dedicated support for each products, no question asked.


Strive for the perfect balance
between form and function.

Communicate with clarity, be complex
but never complicated.

Constructive collegiality is key
to the stimulation of ideas.

100% customer satisfaction
choosing to obey them.

Do it with passion
or not at all.

Trust in collaboration
team work is what drives yokida.

Our Solutions

Expert, Modular Design

Our team believes in modular design, we give you the options to build on top of the excising platform and integrate with others.

Trusted, Authenticated

The tools we build stand in the latest state-of-the-art software and design trends. Assuring high stablity and security

Ultimate Flexibility

Yokida provides unprecedented options to the client, to make their products exceed their expectation.

Dedicated Support

We respect our clients, thus we provide dedicated support in any of our projects with no questions asked.

Endless Layouts

We believe in creativity thus,we ensure that all our products has a unique design and final touch

Built for Performance

A Business depends on the performance of the tools employed, that's why under-performance is unacceptable here at yokida.



Life @ yokida