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Logos, Banners and Digital ADs for Yokida products.

You can get all the guidelines, contents and Designs below.


Our Logo

Initially, after few brain storming seasons, we came up with the name “DAKIYO” which is a word from the Gurage ethnic group meaning Mother. Our Company name was renamed to YOKIDA CONSULT because of the trade name was already taken and we had to reverse engineer the word to make it YO-KI-DA. Basically a simple backward letter reshuffling of DA-KI-YO.
We had to stick to it since it inspires everyone with the meaning it had, because everyone loves their mother regardless. And also love our company.

Logo Spacing

Our primary logo is a horizontal lockup of our mark and logotype. When space is limited, use the vertical version. To ensure the logo stands on its own, please leave at least one “D” s worth of space around it.

Primary – Vertical

Secondary - Horizontal

Color Palette 1

White Black Pastel Grey Dark Liver Grey
#FFFFFF #000000 #CFCFCF #4D4D4D #818181

Color Palette 2

Roman Silver Outer Space White Screamin' Green Mantis
#8C8F95 #444A53 #FEFFFF #64FA58 #5AC359

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