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From individuals to big corporations, form local to international corporations our clients vary.

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    "Berry Advertising"

    Berry Advertising is one of the leading professional advertieng service provider in Ethiopia. Yokida Consult designed and developned Berry's most important tool,in providing their service, berrymuch™ media buying web application.


    DKT Ethiopia (DKT) is the largest provider of reproductive health (RH) products to the private sector in Ethiopia and, after the Government of Ethiopia, the largest supplier of RH products in the country. In addition to commercial distribution, DKT engages in a number of targeted activities that help create demand for DKT’s products as well as driving desired behavior among key populations.

  • Local

    Geiordana Kitchen Official website

    Giordana Kitchen is a popular TV show hosted on EBS, the show has inspired millions of Ethiopians to cook fresh food outside their comfort zone. Giordana Kitchen is not only a TV show, the host also prepared a cook book, which made a big scale. Giordana Kitchen Restaurant is where one can actually dine the amazing foods he/she witnessed on the show.


    CCS Ethiopia Official website

    Creative computer systems Plc. (CCS) is an organization that provides professional solutions and services, mainly involved in software development, information security, Networking WAN, LAN and V-Sat configuration and different maintenance services.


    Leverage Consultancy

    Leverage is a local organization that is vastly involved in program design and implementation work for different industry sectors. In addition, leverage provides its partners with support for them to become better performing organizations. We are proud to say that we are also one of the partners of leverage in regards to multiple services including consulting, trainings and other software related projects.

  • International

    Language School Genie

    Language school genie is a web site, intended in creating a platform for Language learning around the world. The website will be hosted in Switzerland and it aims to facilitate finding language schools for users according to their location and many other search criteria’s, furthermore enable users to book a place in those schools from the site.


    Aviation Experts

    Aviation Experts LLC provides a wide range of consulting services, with experts within the aviation industry, and related fields. By way of example, Aviation Experts LLC provides consulting services in the following areas: Accident investigation, Pilot recruiting & job placement and Security & safety procedures

Clients List

A collective of the companies and individuals we have worked with.

berry Advertising and comunication P.L.C.
Advertisment agency
Saint George FC
Football Club
Ethiopian Industrial Input Development Enterprise
TD Travel Agency
Travel Agency
ETpol Security
Security Service Provider

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