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What is VAS?

Value Added Service (VAS) is a popular telecom industry for non-core services or in short all the services beyond standard voice calls and fax transmissions. And currently short number service, is the most popular of all.
Yokida has launched a new service that works on soccer. The service thrives on delivering its subscribers the latest scores and news of their clubs.

How do you subscribe for the service?

It is quite easily actually. Send “OK” to “8480” and the system will take you off from there.

How frequent is the message?

It depends on which clubs you subscribed for. Nonetheless, it won’t be more than 4 Msg/Week.

Any charge?

All good things come at price, so is this one. The price is 1ETB/msg.

Future Plan?

Yokida is launching a new service every two months.

Anything More?

You are baffled by the notion of paying for something you could find for free?

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